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Provide launches new Startup financing for aspiring practice owners

At Provide, we rounded out (our already robust) menu of financial products for aspiring practice owners with a new loan for our communities’ doctors who want to build a practice all their own: Startup financing.

Since 2016, Provide has been in the business of helping healthcare providers achieve their dreams of practice ownership, and as of this year, aspiring practice owners can now build the practice they always envisioned with the help of Provide’s Startup loan option.

“Helping young and aspiring providers achieve their ownership dreams has always been one of the more rewarding parts of my job,” Provide Regional Director of Practice Finance Jason Schneller said. “And Provide’s Startup loan allows for a grace period with very low payments in the early years, which enables doctors to focus on practice growth before focusing on making their full loan payments. We’re not just helping dentists and veterinarians get their dreams off the ground — we’re helping them achieve success, too.”

In addition to a step-payment structure that gives you time to build cash flow, our Startup loan also features:

  • Up to 100% financing
  • Competitive fixed rates
  • Working capital included as part of the loan

Although this is a new product, the Provide experience remains the same:

  • Easy pre-qualification process with no impact on your personal credit score (that takes just two minutes or less)
  • Streamlined, tech-enabled funding
  • White-glove support throughout your funding process
  • Access to a network of the industry’s best partners, including builders, real estate agents, equipment vendors, and more during startup buildout

“Provide’s ability to offer Startup loan approvals quickly and efficiently puts our providers’ dreams in motion earlier than with other lenders,” said Schneller. “Through our streamlined experience, doctors are able to sign leases, plan supply and equipment purchases, budget for construction needs, and hire other trusted advisors sooner.”

Are you ready to pursue your dream of starting your very own healthcare practice? Contact us at or 877–341–0617 to learn more, and pre-qualify today.