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Our podcast helps you pave the way to your healthcare practice dreams. We’re here to guide you along your journey, sharing the ins, outs, and all-around best practices for aspiring and established owners.

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Twice each month (mark your calendar!), we tap into Provide's unparalleled network of industry experts to share the tools you need to take your dreams into your own hands.
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Meet our host, Corey Brown

Corey Brown is a marketing leader at Provide who is responsible for the strategy and execution of marketing efforts related to our partners and vendors.

More on Corey's journey

Brown graduated from The Ohio State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science and received his real estate license in 2010. Embracing his love for sales and management, Corey became the first outside sales team member – and eventually call center leader – for a large local dentist. Led by Corey, his team focused on appointment conversion, efficiency, and quality and patient recruitment through marketing collaboration efforts and community events. Corey also developed internal and external campaigns to drive company goals and objectives, in addition to consulting on acquiring a second practice, dental software, pricing structures, hiring, equipment purchases, office updates, and more.

Realizing his passion for healthcare practice marketing, Corey joined Provide’s Marketing team in January 2022.

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