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I need help. How do I contact Provide?

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at


I’ve already been assigned Provide representatives. How do I contact them if I have a question about my loan?

You can contact your Provide representatives directly via your Provide account. After logging in to your dashboard, click the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to send a message to your representatives or find their phone numbers if you prefer to call them.


My Provide loan was just funded. When will I start to receive loan statements?

Your first physical loan statement will arrive by mail within the first month after your loan is funded. Contact your healthcare banking specialist with questions. 


Can I access my loan statements from my online Provide dashboard?

Loan statements are not currently accessible via your Provide dashboard. To opt in to accessing your loan statements online, you must first register for online banking with your healthcare banking specialist


How do I make an additional loan payment?

To make an additional loan payment, contact your healthcare banking specialist.


How do I change the date of my monthly loan payment?

To change the date of your monthly loan payment, contact your healthcare banking specialist.


I already have a Provide loan, and I’d like to obtain additional financing for my practice. What should I do?

First, contact your Provide representative or call us at 877-341-0617. We love to hear from our funded providers, particularly when new growth opportunities are on the horizon. Remember, your Provide loan covenants require you to obtain our signoff before pursuing additional practice financing, and we’ll have to underwrite and approve your request. But don't worry – in these situations, we're committed to delivering the same quick, streamlined, and responsive service and experience you're used to.


My Provide loan was funded. How do I submit my financial statements during repayment?

To submit your financial statements, log in to your Provide dashboard, where you can seamlessly upload your statements. If you have questions contact your Provide representative directly via your Provide account


When will I receive tax statements for my loan?

If you have online banking, tax forms can be accessed at You can request tax forms by emailing or by calling 866-475-0729 (option 4 for loans then option 2). Contact your healthcare banking specialist with questions. 


I want to pay off my Provide loan. How do I request a payoff letter?

To request a payoff letter, contact your healthcare banking specialist.