MI925 Southeast Michigan, West of Detroit Practice

Price available upon request

Veterinary practice

Annual collections available upon request

This is a solo practice that has the benefit of a clinic with the mobile convenience that clients appreciate. It is located in southeast Michigan, west of Detroit. The location provides easy access to countless recreation opportunities as well as connections to Ann Arbor, Lansing, and all that is in the Detroit metropolis.

The practice has been providing complete medical, surgical and diagnostic veterinary care to pet owners for over 20 years. The combination of providing both in-home care as well as a clinic facility, extends the practice’s reach to many of the surrounding communities. It has a solid and supportive staff that is committed to the practice and is expected to stay – and the 2020 revenues are up 11% through August!

The owner is ready to retire and will work with the buyer for a smooth transition – and the owner is open to providing the financing. This is a great opportunity to build the practice of your dreams.

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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