Southwest Michigan – REDUCED PRICE!Practice Details

Price available upon request

Veterinary practice

3 exam rooms
2000 sq. ft.
Annual collections available upon request

Check it out – To reduce time on the market, the owners have reduced the practice price!
This is a full medical, diagnostic & surgical practice that is located in southwest Michigan. It is close to the MI-IN border so it is only a short hop to South Bend and Elkhart or head north with an easy drive to Lake Michigan. Plus easy access to all that is in the Chicago area.
The practice has been serving clients from throughout the region for over 20 years. It is well-equipped and housed in a 2,000 square foot facility that has 3 exam rooms, and all the usual components – treatment area, surgical suite, lab, isolation and more.
The owner will help with the transition and the staff are expect to stay. Everything is ready for you to step into ownership! To learn more, you can do a confidentiality agreement for MI108.

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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