284297 - Vet Hospital for sale between Nashvile & Memphis, Tennessee

Price available upon request

Veterinary practice

$650,000 in annual collections

We are a comprehensive Veterinarian Clinic focussed on providing the best care for our clients and patients. We are in a small town but are quite busy. We collect routinely $650,000 and are a solo practitioner hospital. Our owner is willing to work a transition to help and assist a new owner as they get started. We have a great staff and they are willing to help in the transition as well. We have a stand alone facility and it too is for sale. We do boarding and have 10 runs - -We are an all Idexx lab as well. Services Available
Wellness exams - annual exam with vaccines to ensure your pet's health
Sick pet exams - exam and diagnostics as needed according to our Dr. to find the cause for your pet not feeling well
In house bloodwork - Diagnostic bloodwork done in our hospital for fast, accurate results
Digital Radiography - Diagnostic Radiographs with fast, clear results
Surgery - Surgery monitored by a Licensed Veterinary Technician for your pet's safety
Spay/Neuter - Dog and cat spay and neuter to prevent unwanted litters
Soft Tissue Surgery - Tumor removals, skin tags, ear hematomas to name just a few
Orthopedic Surgery - Surgery to correct broken bones, pins or plates as needed
In house hospitalization as needed - Just like people, some pets need to stay in the hospital to treat their illness
LVTs to give nursing care - Licensed Technicians take care of your animals on a one to one basis
Vaccinations - All annual vaccines as needed according to your pet's lifestyle
Heartworm Testing - Annual testing for Heartworms, just 10 minutes in our office
Equine Coggins Testing - Coggins Testing for your equines
House calls available with appointment - Some issues can be handled at your home, call us and we will let you know if a house call can take care of what you need.

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