NJ230 Northern New Jersey - $3M in Revenues

Price available upon request

Veterinary practice

3000 sq. ft.
$3,000,000 in annual collections

This is a small animal practice that is located in northeast New Jersey – it is a solo practice with revenues approaching the $3M mark. The practice has over 70 years of history and a good reputation. With a focus on medicine and an educated team, the owner to the revenues over $3,000,000. It is a financially healthy practice and the cash flow to the owner is most excellent.

The practice is very well-equipped and has an excellent, well-trained team that is expected to stay. It is housed in a roughly 3,000 square foot facility that is attractive and located on one of the main roads in the community.

The owner is ready to retire from ownership and is open to staying as an associate. A long term lease will be provided.

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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