Downtown Denver, CO General Practice

Price available upon request

General practice

5 operatories
1600 sq. ft.
$615,000 in annual collections

If you’ve been searching for the ideal Denver, CO practice- look no further! Located in the heart of downtown Denver, this practice is in an ideal area and ready for a seamless transition. From innovative craft breweries, to the top chef-driven restaurants this location can’t be beaten. Adjacent to the city’s best museums and an oasis of neighborhood parks such as the Civic Center, this practice is near the best of Denver. The practice itself is over 1600 square feet in an office building with ample parking. Lonely Planet named the neighborhood as “One of the Top Five to Visit” and you won’t want to leave!

To learn more about this great downtown practice, read below:

5 fully equipped operatories
Collections of $835,000
Adjusted EBITDA nearly $220,000
1600 active patients with 15 new patients per month

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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