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Dental practice

7 operatories
$300,000 in annual collections

The Incredible Opportunity – Associate position for $1,000,000+ producer with clear pathway to partnership in less than 24 months.

We are a unique and dynamic practice experiencing explosive growth, driven by our philosophy of treating a person’s overall dental health rather than merely addressing specific symptoms. Our passion is to deliver the highest caliber of comprehensive care that dentistry can offer. This includes a full range of preventive services through a blend of conventional and holistic, biological functional dentistry. Our services encompass ozone therapy, laser therapy, reconstructive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, dental sleep medicine (appliance therapy), implant dentistry, and TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) therapy—all under one roof. We continuously upgrade our technology to provide our patients with next-generation care, including the latest additions of the next-generation Cerec and CBCT—the second installation in New England. We are seeking a General Dentist with at least 3 years of experience who is committed to continuous learning, both formal and informal, to leverage the latest technology and treatments. We serve patients from every state in New England and offer virtual consultations for patients thousands of miles away. Our associate dentists earn 35% of collections, pay 50% of their lab bill, and typically generate almost $300k in income. Given that you are already a $1M producer, you will likely earn over $350k.

Ideal Candidate Qualities:

You demand the highest quality of work from yourself, viewing your patients’ mouths as a representation of your personal brand and feeling proud to showcase your work to any dentist.

You embrace change enthusiastically. Whenever we introduce new technology or processes, they are immediately implemented. We actively “jump into the pool” and make things happen.

You thrive on learning new things. Our team engages in paid training every year, ranging from becoming licensed phlebotomists to myofunctional therapists. The Owner dedicates 4 to 6 weeks per year to learning and growth, ensuring she leads by example and offers the best that dentistry has to offer. You seek guidance on achieving excellence, appreciate receiving feedback, and are quick to adjust your approach based on it. Equally important, you are always ready to provide feedback and speak up when you see an opportunity for improvement. We value everyone’s opinion because we believe that good ideas can come from anywhere.

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Multi-Specialty Dental Practice – Associate Partner Opportunity
Ideal Candidate Qualities:

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