Top Dental Practice for Sale (New York, NY)

Price available upon request
For sale

Dental practice

7 operatories
2000 sq. ft.
$2,350,000 in annual collections

Top Dental Practice for Sale (New York, NY)
You’ve reached the pinnacle address in NYC.  Ground level legacy practice established many years ago with lots of “high roller” patients.  Loaded with high technology: catscan, impression scanners, digital x-rays, fully computerized.  Gross collections approximate $2.35M, mostly fee for service and some out of network insurances.  7 operatories in more than 2,000 square feet.  Open just 4 days a week, no nights, no weekends.  15-20 new patients per month.  Most procedures done in house except for implants & oral surgeries.  No advertising programs, only word of mouth referrals.  Intraoral cameras, digital software & x-rays. Rent approximates 8% of gross collections, certainly reasonable.  Plenty of years left on lease.  No monthly CAM charges, Room for some expansion.  Current fee structure: crown $2,792, full mouth x-ray $319, 1 surface composite $468.  Office manager, assistants & hygiene staff get fair salaries, but not extraordinary. 

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