General Dental Practice in Panama City, FL - KP160124

For sale

General practice

$861,133 in annual collections

Strategically located with prominent road front exposure to a bustling main highway, the practice also boasts ample parking—a valuable asset. Situated in the rapidly growing city of Panama City, this opportunity is not just about a practice; it’s about becoming part of a vibrant community that’s evolving beyond being just a tourist destination. Seize the chance to establish roots in a locale renowned for its breathtaking white sandy beaches and emerald-green waters—a dream location for water enthusiasts.
Panama City’s growth is evident with a person-to-dentist ratio of 11,000 to 1 within a 3-mile radius, indicating substantial potential for expansion with minimal competition. Remarkably, the current practice has achieved its success without any marketing efforts, relying on a robust base of 1477 active patients seen in the last 24 months.
Noteworthy is the practice’s robust hygiene program, operating on 8 hygiene days per week, contributing to an impressive 28% of revenue. The established team, committed to the practice for many years, ensures a seamless transition for a new buyer. With a focus on restorative dentistry, the seller refers out all endodontic, orthodontic, extraction, implant, and approximately 75% of surgical procedures. This presents an exceptional opportunity for a new dentist to step into a flourishing practice with a solid foundation and poised for future growth. The practice payor mix is estimated to be 60% FFS and 40% PPO. Any buyer will be able to net $200,000 after they pay back their loan on the practice purchase with excessive upside for growth due to all the procedures that the seller currently refers out. This practice is as “bread & butter” as it gets from a procedure standpoint. 
Gross Collections
2023: $802,151.79 Through 12/6 —– Annualized $861,133.55
2022: $799,044.37
2021: $706,758.48     
Asking Price
Practice: $547,700
Practice: General

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