General Dental Practice in Fort Lauderdale, FL - RD010224


General practice

5 operatories
Annual collections available upon request

General Practice- Fort Lauderdale
This practice is located in a busy plaza on East Ft. Lauderdale.
The seller purchased this practice as a second location in April 2022 and tripled the revenue showing that this is a great location with great demographics, but are stressed by the challenges that involve having 2 locations. They own a very busy practice as their main location is 9 miles away (20 min drive) and realized that having a 2nd location is very difficult to manage.
The previous seller was in that location since 1966, and the main hygienist is still there so transferring the patients should not be a problem.
The practice was remodeled by the new owner and has 5x plumbed OPs (4x Ops equipped), a new Sirona CBCT (3D), Nomad X-Ray, Dexis, Mechanical Room, Implant Motor, Endo Motor, and some additional things.
The seller is willing to help with the transition and is flexible based on what the buyer needs.
The practice is only PPO/FFS with only a few plans accepted. They are open 4.5 days per week with 3.5 days of Hygiene.
The lease amount is $5,023 and the initial term expires on 03/31/2027, there is a 5 year option period.
Sales Price $473,800
Practice: General

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