General Dental Practice for Sale in Denver, CO

Price available upon request

General practice

3 operatories
$840,000 in annual collections

Nestled in the heart of Denver, near the beautiful and upscale Cherry Creek, lies a golden opportunity for a passionate dentist looking to cement their legacy in the thriving Denver dental scene. With a loyal clientele base of 1,500 active patients and an influx of 8-10 new smiles each month, this well-established practice has flourished under the expert hands of a seasoned doctor who’s now looking forward to a well-earned retirement.
This thriving practice offers three operatories, and here’s the cherry on top: there’s space to add an additional one! While the practice currently hums with activity four days a week, the potential for expansion is palpable. Extended operation hours could be your ticket to tapping into an even larger segment of Denver’s dental market.
And let’s talk numbers. With a striking $300,000 in seller’s discretionary earnings, this isn’t just a practice; it’s a rare business venture. Whether you’re an ambitious dentist ready to make your mark or a dental group aiming to expand your foothold in Denver, this practice presents an unbeatable chance to achieve your dreams.
For an overview of this Denver dental practice, read below: 
3 operatories with room for four
Collections of $840,000
SDE of nearly $300,000
Tremendous growth potential
1,500 active patients
Denver’s Cherry Creek district is more than just a neighborhood; it’s a vibrant blend of arts, culture, and urban sophistication nestled against a backdrop of Colorado’s majestic mountains. A cultural aficionado would be captivated by the area’s bustling arts scene, which boasts art festivals, galleries, and theaters that regularly showcase both local and international talents. For sports enthusiasts, the proximity to Denver ensures accessibility to major league games, from the exhilarating Broncos’ matches to the Nuggets’ court actions. The restaurants and bars in Cherry Creek are nothing short of exquisite, offering gourmet experiences ranging from avant-garde fusion dishes to timeless classics, often paired with craft brews and cocktails that resonate with Colorado’s rich beverage culture.
Beyond the urban allure, Cherry Creek provides a gateway to Colorado’s vast outdoor recreation opportunities — be it hiking, skiing, or mountain biking. Families also find solace here, with a school system that’s renowned for its excellence, ensuring that living in Cherry Creek isn’t just about the present luxuries, but also securing a promising future.

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