General Dental Practice in North Miami, FL - RD042523


General practice

3 operatories
870 sq. ft.
$190,000 in annual collections

The space is 870 SF with 3 OPs, but the consultation room could be a 4th OP. The practice is open 3.5 days per week, the seller does hygiene most days but has a hygienist 1-2 days per week. They just added new computers, a new vacuum system, Carestream CBCT, and sensors and upgraded from EasyDental to Dentrix. The seller’s wife works at the front desk and also works as his assistant so the biggest challenge with this practice is that new staff will need to be hired. They have never done any marketing and are selling out impacted Wisdom, ortho, and Invisalign. The insurance breakdown is 85% PPO, 10% FFS, and 5% HMO. Revenues: 2022 $190,000 2021 $178,000 2020 $189,000 Practice Asking Price: $195,000

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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