Montgomery County, MD


General practice

5 operatories
1425 sq. ft.
$1,140,000 in annual collections

This is a rare opportunity to own a growing general dentistry practice in a desirable location in Montgomery County, MD. The practice is growing every year and is on pace to collect over $1.14 Million in 2022!

There are approximately 3500 Active patients and the practice has been averaging 40 - 50 new patients per month.

The office is right next to a busy primary physician care practice and a high school. There is plenty of parking.

The practice is in a densely populated affluent residential area. The practice doesn't see many kids; there is a great opportunity to add an Ortho/Pedo component to this practice.

The practice is approximately 1425 square feet and contains 5 operatories. There is currently an opportunity to expand in the building.

The practice is 90% PPO and has collected 997K in 2021. The selling doctor does not work a packed schedule and he also has an associate working at the practice. A skilled doctor can take over the entire production at the practice.

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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