272026 Southeast, Michigan

Price available upon request

General practice

7 operatories
$2,600,000 in annual collections

Family oriented general practice with a very skilled, highly educated and long term staff. Seven treatment rooms (3 for hygiene, 4 for doctors) in 3200 square feet, remodeled in 2014. Office collected $2.6M+ in 2021. Offices sees roughly 45 new patients a month and has seen over 5800 patients in the last 24 months. Currently referring out most implants, some endo and oral surgery. Technology includes: Galileos Comfort 3D CBCT with SICAT Two CEREC PrimeScans with on-site milling (2 PrimeMills) and 2 ovens (one for Zirconia) Sleep Disordered Breathing, The Healthy Start, laser frenectomies and more. Dentrix

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