JL2232 Delray Beach, FL


General Practice

6 operatories
1400 sq. ft
$467,379 in annual collections

A quality opportunity to own a practice in a demographically sound area in Palm Beach County. The office is just over 1,400 sq ft and has 6 plumbed OPs however the seller currently only has 3 OPs in use and equipped. The rent is very affordable at only $4,370.00 per month to where the landlord is also amenable to extending the lease and providing a tenant improvement allowance to enhance the space.

The practice is only open 3.5 comfortable days per week and is only in-network with a handful of PPO plans. The retiring doctor does no marketing and is all word of mouth. There are currently 700 active patients on the 24-month chart count. The dedicated and long-term staff is to remain to make a transition seamless and the seller is amenable to help with a transition as needed and desired.

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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