Greensboro, NC


General practice

4 operatories
2800 sq. ft.
$700,000 in annual collections

This listing is a rare opportunity to purchase a well-established general dentistry practice in Greensboro NC that is primed for growth. The current owner is only open 3 days a week and has collections in the $700K plus range with strong cash flow.

This well-equipped dental practice is located in a busy shopping plaza in a stand alone building. The owner did a beautiful build-out. There is approximately 2800 square feet of space, with 4 equipped ops and 3 additional plumbed for growth.

This is a majority Fee-For-Service practice that was consistently collecting over $700K pre-pandemic. There is a strong Hygiene component and the majority of the specialty work is referred out.

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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