RD23191 - Pompano Beach, FL


Dental Practice

4 operatories
1200 sq. ft
$181,290 in annual collections

Considering a start-up or looking for an affordable practice? After practicing 45 years in East Pompano Beach, this doctor is ready to hang up the drill. Unlike 95% of other practices on the market, this practice has ALL the bells and whistles from a Omni Cam Cerec w/ digital scanner ($40,000.00 value), Sirona CT Scanner ($50,000.00 value), and two brand new ADEC chairs ($40,000.00 value). The practice is what I would call a “jump-start” as the practice is collecting $260,000.00+ per year, has 487 active patients, and staff members that have all been with the practice for over 10 years each. The seller refers out implants, most endo, pediatric patients, and difficult extractions (no 3rds) so you have room to boost the production from day one if you do these procedures. The practice is open 4 days per week and has two days of hygiene full. It is a PPO/FFS based practice with no HMO or Medicaid. The office is 1200 sq ft with 4 OPs to where the rent is only $2,900 per month out the door!

2020 Annualized: $181,290.14

2019: $260,734.40

2018: $288,624.38

2017: $287,131.45

Price: $293,000.00
*Can lower price if a buyer does not want the CBCT and/or Cerec Machine

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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