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25. Is a remote workforce the answer to your staffing woes?

With Christine Sison
Finding, recruiting, and retaining talented staff is one of the hottest topics in the healthcare industry right now (and seemingly everywhere else for that matter).

With labor posing one of the biggest challenges most practice owners face today, we're exploring an unconventional new solution that’s gaining popularity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: remote staffing for dental practices.

Meet our guest

Our guest, Christine Sison, is CEO at Swiss Monkey, an operations and staffing organization that provides virtual front desk and recruitment services for dental practices. Prior to that, she spent more than 10 years building and managing a dental practice, and she is the former executive director of a public-private healthcare collaborative, where she led the development of telemedicine efforts.

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In this episode

  • How practice owners can use remote staffing services to fill key needs, make on-site staff happier and more productive, and improve margins
  • Which positions are ideally suited for remote staffing and which are best left on-site
  • Why remote staffing has become so popular among both practice owners and employees
  • What practice owners can expect to pay for remote staff
  • What key lessons she has learned in her career that help her serve her clients' needs

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