How and Why We Support Collaboration

Provide, a division of Fifth Third Bank, National Association ("Provide"), is the leader in technology-enabled lending to healthcare practices, and our industry expertise and innovative software have brought unmatched efficiency to the lending process. Our online dashboard provides you the unique option to customize your financing experience by granting secure, role-based access to certain individuals, including but not limited to your co-guarantor(s), your co-owner(s), your attorney, your accountant or Certified Public Accountant, your financial advisor, your consultant, the broker listing the practice you're purchasing, or the vendor selling the equipment or service we are financing ("Collaborators"). Under this Agreement, if you were referred to Provide, we will provide that referrer with updates on the status of your application. If you would like to opt out of this feature, please inform your Provide representative or send an email to

The Purpose of This Agreement

By granting consent to enable collaboration between you and your Collaborators via this Collaborator Access Agreement, you authorize Provide to configure a password-protected account for each Collaborator, enabling each Collaborator to securely supply information that (i) is essential to completing your loan process, (ii) protects your private information, (iii) provides access to information that Collaborator would have outside of the scope of this Collaborator Access Agreement and Provide's application, and (iv) enables you to have direct knowledge of that Collaborator's contributions to your loan throughout the process.

How Integrating Multiple Collaborators Facilitates Your Loan

Integrating multiple collaborators into your loan process:

  1. Saves you time and effort;
  2. Provides added controls to safeguard the uploading of your sensitive information, unlike email or fax; and
  3. Allows us to spend far less time on loan processing -- so we can offer lower rates.