NJRTEUPA Union County

Price available upon request

General Practice

4 operatories
$800,000 in annual collections
Listed by Paragon

This is a long-standing established general dental practice located in Union county of New Jersey. For 2018, the practice collected $800K on a 4.5 day week. It has four (4) treatment rooms and approximately 1,300 FFS/PPO active patients, computerized with 2 Lasers and a Panorex included. It is located in a multi-tenant building with plenty of traffic. Pre-tax cashflow is $264,000. Current seller would like to stay on for 6 months post-transition. The practice would be ideal for a Spanish speaking dentist and is good as a stand-alone purchase, a merger, or even a satellite practice. Contact us today to learn more about this practice purchase opportunity.

Sorry, this listing is no longer available!

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