General Dental Practice Baltimore County, MD

For Sale

General Practice

6 operatories
2367 sq. ft
$764,000 in annual collections

This is an amazing opportunity to own a general dentistry practice in NE Baltimore County, Maryland. The practice is over 2300 square feet and contains 6 fully-equipped operatories. There are 2 additional plumbed operatories for growth!

The practice has consistent historical collections with strong cash flow. This is a single doctor practice but can easily have 2 dentists working for optimal collections and growth potential.

This turn-key dental practice is priced at $695K.

This practice is primed for growth. This is a perfect opportunity for a dentist looking to grow and make best use of a large practice. With over 2300 square feet and 2 additional operatories already plumed, the sky's the limit!

The seller refers out a majority of specialty work including: Wisdom Teeth, Hard Endo, Peado, Orhto and Bone Graft.

The seller is also willing to stay on and work as an associate and help with a smooth transition.

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