For Sale

General Practice

8 operatories
2500 sq. ft

Situated in one of the few remaining affordable coastal communities in California, this office has high visibility and plenty of upside potential for practice growth.
The practice employs EagleSoft and Dexis digital x-ray.

The office building was remodeled in recent years. It boasts a tropical motif, complete with exterior arches and giant palm trees on either side of the building. It also features four well-equipped operatories, plus an additional five that are plumbed for a total of nine operatories in 2,900 square feet. Think of the potential! There is a beautiful sunken reception area with a charming heating stove, scenic murals covering the walls, and many other comfortable amenities.

We have another small practice listing just a few blocks away. Combine these two practices in this space for a comparative bargain. Own the building and your destiny. Add a little marketing and grow the practice 5x -10x. You can do it in this practice and location

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